Saturday, March 12, 2011

So Apparently it's St. Patricks day???

Well apparently being a mom means being out of the loop on party days.
When John and I decided to take Gunnar downtown to see a friend sing at a choir concert on Michigan Ave, I had no idea we'd be encountering the Return of the Drunken Irish Mobs, which was quite apparent from the minute we stepped on the El.  Immediately I was somewhat regretting this decision, or at least regretting the decision to bring my almost 4 month old on a train with profanity spewing, gravity challenged college students.  While I was imagining having to clean up some stranger's vomit off of my baby's head with wet wipes, I was thankful we decided to tote him in on the baby bjorn. Having him close to daddy made it seem somewhat safer. 
Gunnar was great during the choir concert and didn't make a peep (unless you count the gulping sounds and hiccups he had while I nursed him, which clearly embarrassed his father...but come on! It's not like he was crying!).
After the concert we walked the Magnificent Mile and witnessed more drunken debauchery than I cared to see. It's not that I don't enjoy a drink now and then, and I certainly enjoyed having a good time in my college's just the falling down drunken stupidity in the middle of the day that I never really understood. 
They don't lie...they dye that river green!!
Maybe there's a small part of me that just doesn't want to see it now because it reminds me of the chapter I closed in my life one year ago.  It's not that I'll never drink again (in fact there is a glass of champagne in front of me as I write this), but rather I will never "party hard" again, at least not for quite a while.  And now that I think of it, I guess I never really did...I've always been more of a "high on life" kind of character that can certainly have just as much fun as any drunk without much "assistance".   Though part of me feels a little sad that I don't have the freedom I once had, I don't need to surround myself with drunks to have a good time...I'm high on love for my baby and my family. And I'm  happier hanging out tonight listening to Irish music, eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, drinking champagne and having conversations with my sister and brother and law with my baby asleep in his crib than I'd be at any Irish Pub partying.

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  1. Leaving those party days behind is totally worth it (though I never really did a lot of that!). Your St. Paddy's Day celebration sounds awesome - right up my alley.