Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Night Books

Yo, Yo, Listen up people...
My name is G and I'm here to say...I like photobooth in everyway

I'm cute and all but don't be fooled if you look on my shirt you can see I drooled
Today was awesome! Gunnar gave his first True Giggle...
I mean he's laughed before, but more like: HA! This was a total Hehehehehehe! So cute! We were lying in bed after our little mid-morning snuggle/nap fest and out of nowhere our cats (Elsa & Sven) went racing by the bed... making quite the jingles. Gunnar heard this and his head turned toward the commotion, watched that cats run by, looked back at me...tossed his head back and... hehehehehehe!! Music to my ears! The cutest sound I have ever heard!! And then about 10 seconds later the cats ran back the other way, G did the same take and....hehehehehe, again! Too precious!!

I also learned that Gunnar is completely content just watching me sew.  For an hour today we sat on the same blanket, G just looking up at me...watching me sew and sing to my ipod tunes, smiling away as happy as can be!! Thanks G, mommy got a lot done today!

So we have quite a few favorite Good Night Books that we read to little G.
Here they are:

*Goodnight Goodnight Sleepyhead
*Goodnight Moon
*Who will tuck me in tonight?

*The Going to Bed Book

*Time for Bed

*The Book of Sleep

What are your favorite bedtime books? We'd love to add more to our collection!

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  1. Isaac is in love with Goodnight Gorilla - we now own two copies. But his favorite book, day or night is The Big Hungry Bear.