Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Great Diaper Challenge: Round 3

Round 2 Wrap Up:
So yesterday we finished up our pack of Seventh Generation, size 2 diapers. Of the 40 diapers we had 4 blow outs and 0 pee thrus. I'm pretty sure one of those blow outs was my fault (went over 5 hours without a change--bad mommy moment) it was the heaviest diaper I have ever held! Two of the blowouts happened while traveling by plane...could airplane pressure cause explosive poo?? Hmmm maybe we'll test that theory another time (sounds like something daddy would enjoy doing...he loves that Myth Busters show).  All in all these diapers are solid. I mean they just feel sooo sturdy and the fasteners stick better than any other diaper I've used. They also, obviously, can really hold in the pee. Diaper rash was not present at all...so I truly believe it was the Huggies that were giving G such bad diaper rash. With Amazon subscribe and save program (and free shipping from amazon.com/mom or amazon prime) pricing comes to $0.25 per diaper.

So here's how they scored on each category (5 star system.  5 *'s=Best, 1*= worst)

feel:                *****
softness:         ****
fit:                   *****
fasteners:        *****
fashion:           ****
eco-friendly:   ***
price:               ***
reliability:       ***

Average:   4 out of 5 *'s

Next up:
Earth's Best Tender Care Diapers
Gunnar's been wearing these for one day now and I must say they're not scoring high on the fashion (a little ugly in my opinion...haha) and we've already had one blow out, so we'll see how the rest of the week goes. These diapers are sort of a mixture of the last two diapers I tried.

Here are their stats:

  • Not treated with chlorine bleach
  • Partially made of renewable resources (like wheat and corn)
  • Soft texture
  • Leak protection

And here are some more photos from our Florida getaway:
Baby Heaven!

G and his girlfriend Stella (she's only 3 weeks younger!)

Notice how huge Gunnar is compared to Stella!

G loved his mommy's mentee Lindsay!

Hanging with Asolo peeps!

Tired baby from boat ride!

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