Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things are gettin' Done!!

So project "minimize the wardrobe" is going very well!!! I have paired down the dresses to a mere 49!! Not quite the 25 I was hoping for, but not bad considering I had 136 a few days ago...and let's be honest, I wear dresses like most girls wear jeans. I just need more. And with the exception of the "dressy" dresses still in Gunnar's closet I was able get rid of enough clothes to get everything into my small closet!
And I seriously organized that baby...I hope it never looks cluttered again! I even got anal with the hangars. Wooden hangers on top for dresses, cardigans/jackets, pants and skirts. And then black plastic hangars on bottom for long sleeved shirts and white hangars for short sleeved shirts.  Beautiful! And the bins up top are for clothes that don't work for breast feeding and then workout clothes.  Here are the fruits of my labor:
If you want to see the before click here
Looks so much nicer when you have similar hangars
Notice the dark hangars for long sleeve, white for short?
 Tomorrow I'm taking 3 huge bags to sell at my favorite thrift store in Lincoln Square: Savvy 2nd's and 1st's. 
I'm anxious to see how much I'll make from this purge. There are a lot of cute clothes leaving this house...but I just decided I had my time with them and it was time they found a new home!

Apparently I just don't have the urge to buy more clothes. I guess the purge just felt so good that I really don't want to add to the clutter...because I was out shopping today at the BIG mall! The only thing I bought for me was some much needed shoes (pregnancy did a number on my feet...I don't know what size they are anymore but they're no longer a 6.5 or 7...nothing fits!) So I bought myself some sandals for our Florida trip (and a cute floppy sunhat from Forever 21 for $5!) I also had to get a little swimsuit for Baby G. Hanna Andersson was having a swim sale! So we got him a cute suit and some sun hats!
G loves Miss Bethany!

Gunnar was such a good shopper today! He didn't cry once! He loved being in his stroller and hanging out in the Baby Bjorn for part of the trip. He loves the attention strangers give him. He sure knows how to get someone to talk to him...he ropes them in with his doll like eyes and then gives them a huge smile and giggle! Lucky G got to have a lunch date with Miss Bethany too! So fun to see her.

owl T's
I also finished the 15 owl shirts that were custom ordered from my Etsy shop for a shop owner in Atlanta, Georgia!  Look how cute they are all packaged up! (WARNING! Shameless publicity push: want one for yourself? Click Here: If this one isn't the size or color you want...I do custom orders! Just message me! Mention my blog and you can have a custom order for the sale price!!) 15 custom shirts...that's a good 20 hours of work right there folks...and money in my pocket! Thank the Lord! The shop owner contacted me today and said the  shirts were a huge hit in her shop and she already sold one today! She said she expects to order more very soon! Wow! Maybe I really am in business!

So although the cleaning schedule has taken a serious hit this doesn't mean I'm not getting things done...I just had different priorities this week.  I'll be sure to give the house a good clean before we leave for Florida on Monday.

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