Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's Talk Diapers...

So...someone (ehem) did not want to nap...AT ALL today! Ugh! So you can just imagine all the things I got done today!!! The floors are constantly getting neglected...because something always comes up on Friday. I'm beginning to think I should move cleaning the floors to Sunday so my husband can help (that would make it go much quicker).  I think I'm also learning how to cope better with these kind of frustrating days (they seem to happen a lot). What seems to work best is for me to take care of me first.
So when he does fall asleep, even if it's for 10 minutes, I take a nap if I need one...or shower, or fix myself lunch, or use the bathroom. That way, if he does wake up 10 minutes later, I can feel like I've at least taken care of my needs somewhat and that keeps me from getting too frustrated.
He who does not take naps!

Diapers. So let me say first of all, that I admire all you Cloth Diaper mommies out there. I really do. I wish I had the gall to step that far outside of my box, but I just wasn't ready to be that adventurous this first time around. I'd love to know that I am being responsible and minimizing my carbon footprint, I would. But as a nanny, I always used disposable's what I know, and it gets rid of the poop and pee fast without having to deal with extra laundering.  So there you have it... I'm not as eco-friendly as I'd like to be (maybe next baby).

Now that I have that out of the way, let's talk about brands.  I think I've figured out the scam of the big name brands.  They get you with the super nice newborn diapers...that's their trick. They pull out all of the stops and give you the best product they have for those first 2-3 months so that you're hooked on their brand...and then they pull the whole bait and switch. Yep! Uh-huh I've got you figured out Huggies and Pampers...don't think you can fool this mommy.  Pampers swaddlers are soft, super thick and have this amazing mesh layer that pull wetness away from the baby's bottom. Huggies newborns have a neat little cutout for your newborns healing belly button, they are also soft and super absorbent.  But once you move up to size 2...all the bells and whistles are gone.  Now I can't say that I've tried Pampers size 2.  My family has sort of sworn off Pampers ever since their new Dry Max formula burned my nephews skin and made his poor little bottom bleed.  From what I know from my sister, this new Dry Max is stamped onto the diaper, which as I understand, is the chemical that is causing babies to bleed (yes, it's happened to many many babies: read for yourself).  We were using Huggies (size 1) and Costco brand (size 1-2, which apparently are also made by Huggies) until we hit a growth spurt about a week ago and needed bigger diapers. We had a small bag of Seventh Generation Diapers Size 2 waiting in our closet so for about a week we used those until we could get to Costco for a big box of Huggies.

For one glorious week we had no blow outs, no pee throughs and less diaper rashes. 

Two days ago we ran out of Seventh Generation's and cracked open our new huge box of Huggies size 2.  Right away, just from feeling these diapers...they felt cheaper. And sure enough...from the minute we switched guess what came back: The blow-outs, The Pee thru's and major diaper rash. Hmmm coincidence? I think not. I feel cheated. I thought I was paying for the same product just one size bigger...but instead I got a cheaper, less absorbent product. And now I'm stuck with 216 crappy diapers (pun intended).

Well I'm sold on Seventh Generation. Not only are they great soft diapers but they're chlorine and bleach free and they're made from wood pulp which is bio-degradable. And if you're an Amazon Prime member, like I can order a 4 pack of 40 diapers from Amazon with free shipping for almost the same price as a case of Huggies from Costco. $39...about 25 cents per diaper.

If you use something different, I'd love to know what you use and why you love them.


  1. Once Isaac got to be 3 months, we primarily went to cloth diapers and gDiapers, but at night and in the car and when I was lazy we used disposables. We love target and tried them on a recommendation from several other mommy's, after I was running into the same issues as you.

  2. So far we've only used Pampers. We went from the swaddlers (newborn) to sensitive (size 1) to baby dry (size 2). None of these have the dry max in them. We did use the size 1 swaddlers for a while, however, and had no issues. We've had no diaper rash, and very minimal blowouts. I was thinking about trying Luvs though because I've heard they're good, and they're cheaper.

    Have you tried out the jogging stroller? We're trying to make a decision about both that and the umbrella stroller (either Maclaren or UppaBaby) since they're still having closeout sales. I checked out Consumer Reports but would like advice from moms who have used them. Know of anywhere I could get good reviews besides online sites like Amazon? Any thoughts?

  3. Hey tell your friend Kelly that I've personally test-driven both the Macs and the Uppababies and read MANY reviews and I am confident in saying she should go Uppababy for her umbrella. The balance is just a little bit better (more centered - less like your stroller might fall over backwards if your kid leans back) and also the bottom of it ends up being just a hair further in front of your foot so you don't end up kicking it as you walk. Reviews document that as well.

    Re: Diapers, do you also subscribe? If you're registered as an amazon mom you can subscribe, meaning they send you the diapers every 2 months (or however long you select) automatically. This knocks another huge chunk off the price. You can cancel it at any time or chance the size of diapers or quantity. So you have to be a little proactive if your baby is about to size up, but otherwise it's The Cheapest Way to get diapers. It enabled us to switch to Pampers, which I love, from Kirkland. I'll definitely check out 7th Gen if any future babies have more sensitive skin!