Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Goals

So it's that time again to make some new goals for the month of March.
And here they are:

1. Continue to list at least 1 item on my Etsy shop everyday.

2. Make at least 1 item for my Etsy shop everyday.

3. Finish first draft of my Children's book.

4. Talk to the YMCA and/or my church about doing Acting/Theater classes this summer for kids.

5. Refrain from watching any television until Gunnar is in bed for the night.

6. Start a book club. (I was inspired by Lisa M. "Hi Lisa!") Maybe a couples book club? Any of you Chicago people interested?????

7. Make an appointment and GO to the Dentist (argh...this has been a long time coming...not looking forward to it at all...)

In other news. I love my mother-in-law. Did you know she's making some adorable things to sell on my Etsy shop? Have you seen these: Vintage Inspired Soft Blocks ?  Super cute right?
She called today and said she will be adding two baby quilts to my Etsy shop soon! She is a MASTER QUILTER...I mean truly talented so look out for those!! Today, she sent G a box filled with cute clothes that she found at the Unique Thrift Shop she goes to in Minneapolis...the clothes are so cute and most of them have clearly never been worn!

He's such a "little man" I can't get enough of him...
AND....I am so madly in love with my baby. I mean, of course I am. I think every mother feels this way. But tonight I just had one of those moments with him that was just so precious. After our bedtime ritual and singing him a few lullabies, I was just rocking him and his eyes were just locked on mine...and he just smiled and cooed for the longest time and it just brought tears to my eyes. And then I told him how much I loved him, kissed him a million times (because his cheeks are so kissable and I love the way he smells after a bath) and put him down in his crib wide awake. He looked up at me and smiled one last time before he turned his body to the side. I turned out the light and 5 minutes later when I checked in on him he was sleeping like an angel.  What a sweet boy. I am so blessed.


  1. Love this last paragraph! So sweet - really captures the moment. You'll love having it to look back on.

    A couples book club sounds awesome! Never heard of one but love the idea! Keep us posted!

  2. Jason and I have always wanted to do a couples movie/book club. Where you would read the book and then watch the movie together. Just an idea! Yay for March!