Monday, March 7, 2011

An unexpected day of Fun!

So last night I got a call from my sister-in-law telling me she had the day off from work! Who knew? Chicago schools celebrate a state-wide holiday "Pulaski day" and they got the day off!! Well lucky Gunnar got to spend the day with his Auntie Kerry!

Since Gunnar and I had picked up a pass to the Chicago History Museum from the library, I suggested we go there (even though the pass wasn't needed, because Mondays are FREE). So we made a day of it.
We rode the Lincoln Bus down to Old Town and walked the rest of the way there.
I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a pretty well put together museum. There was a diorama room with scenes of what Chicago used to look like, an exhibit on Freedom, a cute little kids room with cool activities where you could play in a Chicago style Hotdog (Gunnar got really into this...see below!) and create a postcard to email to loved ones (sorry I only had my parent's email memorized...but I will share it with you all now below), and then there was a permanent exhibit upstairs with a trolley, a steam engine, artifacts from the Chicago Fire, etc.  We learned that Crate & Barrel started in Chicago (which totally explains why there are like 5 Crate in Barrels within one city block in Lincoln Park) and I was very proud to see our tea pot on display in the museum!

We also took a break and had lunch at their cute cafe that offered brunch and lunch fares and featured coffees and teas from Julius Meinl (yum!). Gunnar was such a trouper. I don't think he had a single cry the whole trip (though he did have a lot of diaper changes) and he took his naps right on schedule and in his stroller, no problem! I was impressed!  All in all...a fine day! Thanks Auntie Kerry! We love you and are hoping for more unexpected holidays that we can share with you in the future!

Gunnar-Chicago Style


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