Friday, March 11, 2011

The Nanny I didn't hire...

So there is a reason why the "cry out" method hasn't been working in this house.  And that reason is a little four legged calico named Elsa.  Now referred to as "nana Elsa".
I have to admit, when we first brought Gunnar home I was scared to death about how she would react to this new family member. After all she's always been the "unpredictable" one.  Sweet as can be to John and I but occasionally defensive and mean towards some of our guests.

We took extreme measures before G was born to prevent the cats from thinking any of the new baby items were cat items.  We had the pack 'n play open for weeks before G arrived and created a web of masking tape across the opening and inside to make it as uninviting to our furry friends as possible.  Both cats had their go at jumping in and both endured the pain of ripping tape off their paws and fur.

But nothing could prepare me for the reaction Elsa would eventually have to the sound of Gunnar's cries.  I'm pretty sure that she thinks I am the worst mother in the world.  From the instant he lets out a cry she is on the case. Running to his side, or running to get me or John to do something!

When G was 7 weeks old he came down with a horrible head cold. I had the unfortunate task of using a bulb syringe to extract the mucus from G's nose.  Gunnar hated this, and Screamed the whole time. Elsa was so concerned that I was torturing him that she jumped up to the changing table to comfort him. A few weeks ago, when Gunnar was crying the whole day...I attempted to calm him by putting him in one of our many wraps.  But Gunnar continued to scream.  And I'm pretty sure Elsa was convinced that I was causing him harm and so she attacked my leg. She leaped up and wrapped her paws around my leg, meowing and biting me.

And now...when I try to let G put himself back to bed when he wakes himself up...I can't. Because Elsa won't let me. The instant he makes a peep, I can hear her open his door (it squeaks) and I know that if I don't get up and get her out of his room, she'll probably jump in the crib in her attempts to comfort him.  And then of course, once I'm in his room, hearing the peak of his cries in person...I can't help but try to help him. I don't always pick him up. But I do rub his back, turn on his sleep sheep and hope that he'll fall back asleep.

G, Me and the unwanted Nanny...Elsa
So thanks to nana Elsa...I'm not sleeping too great, as I try to constantly prevent her from taking over as "mom".

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  1. Chloe likes her aspirator! It plays music and is battery operated!

    I'm not sure if it'll help, but maybe try using this
    for your door. Although, I'm not sure if Elsa would end up scratching at his door instead.

    I also wanted to tell you that it's probably good you take Gunnar to the gym daycare now. I just started 2 weeks ago and Chloe cries the second I bring her into the baby area. I think it may be harder as they get older (she's 9.5 months old now). Hopefully it will pass. At least she only cries for a few minutes.