Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Like Magic...

So I've been meaning to share this little secret of mine for a while now... 

I know how to perform a disappearing act...that is, I know a little trick to make your baby's cries DISAPPEAR into Thin AIR no matter where you are (without having to whip out the boob).
Need to get ready to go somewhere but your baby's ceaseless cries are holding you back? Strap your baby in a bouncer, chair or car seat and bring them into the bathroom with you while you dry your hair!! Baby will LOVE the sound of the hairdryer...ahhhh it reminds them of the womb.

Need to do some cleaning around the house but baby won't let you put him/her down? Wrap him/her up in a woven wrap, sling or baby bjorn and do some vacuuming! Baby will love the humm of the vacuum while you get 'dem floors clean....ahhhhh it reminds them of the womb.

Driving to the store/daycare/appointment (whatever) and your poor little one is screaming their little head off in the back seat and you feel terrible because you can't see them or do anything while you're driving??? Turn the dial on your radio to STATIC and crank up the might just be soothed to sleep by clashing radio waves....ahhh it reminds them of the womb. might already know all these white noise secrets. But what if you're in church? Or at the store? Or in a restaurant? Or at a friends house? Or somewhere where you can't just grab a vacuum, hairdryer or radio??? Well that's when you'll be thankful you have a droid phone or iphone...

Mommies download App "Baby Soothing Sounds" Now!!!'s amazing. Or as my mother-in-law says "It's Like Magic!" Now you can have the soothing sounds of hairdryers, vacuums, radio static, tv static, crinkling plastic bags, running water, even slurping soup (?!/!?) wherever you go!! Whenever G is fussing and I don't have time to nurse...I turn that baby on and set my phone next to his ear...and wallah!!! Silent, content baby!

You're welcome.

G waiting for Dr. T at the 4 month checkup!

*Note: This may not work for every baby...but it's the magic charm for G!!

In other news: Gunnar had his 4 month appointment today! And so he's still "textbook".  25-50% on everything.

Weight: 14.1 lbs
Height: 24 inches

And then a bunch of shots :( Poor baby boy.


  1. Jeeeaaalous! At 4 months mine was already over 18 lbs. Luckily at his 6 month he slimmed down a bit - still under 19, even though he grew 2 inches. It's like a night and day difference, having his weight be only in the 72nd percentile - so much more on par with his body control! He feels light to me now. As for soothing, I don't have an iphone but one thing that has gotten us through many a restaurant settings is Baby Mum-Mums. They're like crackers for babies - they dissolve right away so they're not a choking hazard, and he was able to gum them long before he could do any puffs (which he still can't really do). I've seem them in the grocery store and at Walmart. They keep a fussy Matthew pacified for however long it takes to eat them, 20-30 mins.

  2. (sorry, Walgreens is where I've seen them, not Walmart!)