Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Sin...

So it's time to confess. I have a problem. I am a full blown narcissist. Not that I'm obsessed with my own beauty (which is questionable at best)...I'm obsessed with my baby's beauty.  So does that make me a baby narcissist? I don't know.
All I know is I can't stop staring at my baby; in person, in the mirror, in photographs, in videos. I just think he's perfect. I mean when will this end? Because I'm pretty sure I've been feeling this way since he was born...and it's only getting worse. And I'd apologize to all you moms out there when I say: I have the cutest baby in the world...but I have a feeling you kind of know what I mean and probably feel the same way about your baby.
It's kind of ridiculous that I almost get offended if someone looks at him and doesn't say something about how adorable he is. Sometimes I just want to grab strangers by the collar and push their face over in front of the stroller and make them see his kissable cheeks. I mean I outwardly expect the general public to sing his praises at first glance.  I clearly feel like I'm doing a service to the public for allowing them to be in the presence of such precious cuteness! Seriously! I mean that's narcissism at it's finest...I've got it bad!

Today at the post office and then again at the grocery store two workers thought Gunnar was a girl...they both apologized when they realized he was a HE...but their excuse was..."His face is so beautiful I thought he was a girl"...Oh, well then, no offense taken! Yes he is beautiful!

Kirstin the Baby Narcissist.

I mean just look at this beautiful baby that turned 4 months old today!!! Happy 4 month birthday Gunnar, you beautiful baby!


  1. He IS perfect! And if his mommy doesn't love him this way, who will?? Sometimes my obsessive love for my children makes me sad for kids who don't have that from their parents. Debbie downer, here... But Gunnar is blessed to have such a wonderful mama who adores him!

  2. I agree, Kirstin, Gunnar IS beautiful! ...but I'm partial to my own children and grandchildren. :)

  3. Well he IS really cute tho. No doubt. And anyway, I'm with Kelly - this is natural! I think it's awesome that for once in my life when I'm looking at photos, my gaze immediately starts on someone else's face, instead of checking out my own. The crazy thing to me is that if/when we have another, we will feel ALL OF THAT for ANOTHER being! Boggles my mind!