Thursday, March 3, 2011

Accesorize to Minimize

Today is another one of those challenging days. Again, I don't know if it's a tummy ache, teething or what but Gunnar is really beginning to learn how to truly share his feelings. He's learned the dreaded back arch. He was doing it all morning to show his frustration and I just wish I could help him. Is it too early to teach my child manors? (arghhh...I guess so) But it's definitely turned into whining cries...that are just well, a little irritating.  The back arching and whining is his way of showing me he's had it with whatever activity we're doing...but I'd much prefer an "excuse me mommy but I'd appreciate doing something different now" ugh...if only he knew words.  So, instead I'm teaching him the "All Done" sign.  I know, I know...he probably won't be able to actually replicate the sign for quite some time. But the more I use it with him, the sooner he'll know it and hopefully the sooner the whining will stop.

 So I have a long term goal of being a minimalist. Not a crazy minimalist, but someone who can live without excess, I guess.  But, the biggest thing standing in my way is my ridiculously large wardrobe. It really got out of hand in the last 3 years while I was at grad school.  I was constantly buying dresses for opening nights and theater events and beach parties and themed parties and you get the idea.  I also had a large enough closet at the time to accommodate my dress/clothes fetish. But now that I live in much colder Chicago, with much smaller closet space, my 130+ (sadly, no I am not exaggerating) dress collection needs to seriously pair down.  So I'm not sure how I am going to conquer this monumental task, but I do know one thing....once I do, I hope to have less than 25 dresses. And my hope is to accessorize to change the look of each dress/outfit and not feel the need to buy something different every time there is an event to attend. Accessories are a cheap and easy way to make something feel new.  And yes, there are the expensive accessories that will stay in your possession forever (like the beautiful opal necklace I bought on Portobello Road in London) because of how much you spent. But there are also cute trendy cheap accessories that you can buy and use until they fall apart or go out of style, whichever comes first.  The best place for said cheapies? Forever 21!!  They have over 40 different accessories for under $2!! And they will always make a statement! And the best part about accessories, they are small and easy to store.

Warning!!! SHAMELESS publicity push: Especially if you use one of my accessory organizers from The Happy Hoot! But seriously, it does help to have a good place to put things away.

Accessorized by Forever 21 earrings: $1.50

So wish me luck in my attempts to achieve my minimalist goals, and the next time you see me buying a dress, remind me of this blog post please...and tell me to go to Forever 21 and just pick up some great earrings. It's bound to save me lots of $$$ and closet space.  And Thank You! (In advance)

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  1. LOL! In this way our lives are opposite instead of parallel. Just this morning I was thinking I should - after I lose a few more pounds - buy a new dress I can feel good in. But I have only five! And two are maternity. One is my "black dress," one is a brown work dress that only fit at my very thinnest, and the other is a truly sweet Ann Taylor white and blue fantasy dress I bought for my laws school graduation. On the other hand, I've been minimalizing, thanks to Kelly's (and Luke's mom's) tips. I have to say, de-cluttering was actually really empowering, and in that sense therapeutic. Enjoy and good luck!!