Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby's First Baseball Game...

Today we took Gunnar to his first official baseball game. John scored a bunch of tickets from work for  Twins vs. White Sox...we were going to cheer for the Twins, of course! We went with G's aunt Kerry and Uncle Zach and were sitting in the direct sun for most of the game.  So Gunnar didn't see much as he spent more time wandering the shaded food vendors and under an umbrella that I opened and put on my lap just high enough to shade him.
Even though our team lost...we still enjoyed ourselves.

He was all tuckered out by the time we got home...
Thanks so much to Kelly, Lisa and Amanda for your thoughts about baby food. I think we are going to stick with it and keep trying the homemade foods and experimenting with things to chew...but I also don't mind giving him prepared food every now and then, as it is easy... especially on the go. (side note: I do highly recommend the Plum Organics brand. As Lisa mentioned, it keeps quite fact we saw a little kid on the train today just sucking it straight out of the package! Brilliant!) We tried Sweet Potato fries tonight (great idea Amanda) and they were mushy enough for him to swallow without choking on and yet he could hold them that went over okay, though I believe more ended up on the floor than in his mouth.

Can anyone comment on preparing meat for babies? Kelly was wondering and I haven't even thought of it because we're still so stuck on purees. I thought my pediatrician had mentioned something about waiting on meats until he was 9 months...but I could be wrong.

Another giveaway coming up tomorrow! Stay tuned!


  1. Yes, help! In the books I have, they are listed at 7-8 months, but I'm always afraid of giving her something before she's supposed to have it. They would still be pureed though at this point I think.

  2. OH, and the Boon spoon is also great for feeding on the go! I think it's the same as the spoon you attach to the Plum pouches, only you add your own food. I almost always use it when we're out because it's so much neater. And when we're eating homemade, I just put a couple of ice cubes in and go. It's usually defrosted within an hour or so.

  3. We're thinking about starting meats when Emma hits 8 months. I'm not sure how we'll do it yet though... I was out to lunch with a friend when I was pregnant and she had her 9 month old son with her. She was eating chicken and put a little bite in her mouth, chewed for a moment, spit it out and then fed it to him... I was a little uncomfortable about the whole "motherbird" feeding method so we probably won't do that : )