Monday, July 4, 2011

June Goals: Wrap Up's that time again. Here's how I did with my goals from last month.

1. Starting June 16th list something on Etsy everyday. So I did pretty well until June 23rd...and then it all went downhill. I think I only listed 2 things after that date. I just had too much going on/too many visitors (which is a good thing) to devote so much time to whipping out Etsy products.

2. Write and Send off Interview Questions for my new Play!! YES! Done and just waiting on the replies (I got one back already).

3. Organize iPhoto, and upload all photos to Shutterfly. Partly. The photos have mostly been organized on iPhoto but not all have been uploaded to Shutterfly yet. It takes forever! For now just the Gunnar photos have been uploaded. I still have to go back and get all the pre-Gunnar pic's onto Shutterfly and that is going to take some serious time and effort. But my goal from now on is to upload to Shutterfly everytime I unload pictures from the camera. I already did this with photos I took today! Now I just need to remember to do it every time!

4. Make Birth-6 month photo album of Gunnar. Just started to work on this. This is going to take forever...I'm afraid. So I'm going to move this to July goals.

5. Update (you can look if you want...but there's nothing there folks) Whoops. Nope totally spaced on this goal. It was a nice thought. I think I'll put this off til later...I don't think I'll have time in July.

6. Continue to look for part-time work and auditions at least once a week. I did look. I have one audition lined up...but there weren't many prospects...summer months are slow for the acting world.

In other news: Had a lovely 4th of July today with my cousin Jessica, her husband David and their youngest Ela, along with my sister and brother in-law. We spent the morning watching an epic small town parade in Lake Bluff and had an awesome lunch back at David and Jessica's new home! I tried my first Chicago style hot dog...and I have to say...I loved it! Weird! I've always been a plain Jane boring nothing on my hot dog kinda girl...but I thoroughly enjoyed my Chicago dog...and am looking forward to trying my next Chicago Dog (maybe and Hot Dougs?)...I'm sort of a changed woman...more on this tomorrow.

Also...turns out...we live in an incredible spot for viewing fireworks from all over the Chicago metro area. As I am typing this I can see and hear awesome fireworks out my window...and from our balcony there is a panoramic view of 5 or 6 different firework displays! Pretty awesome! As soon as I'm done typing this blog I'll return to view them on the balcony with my dark chocolate and my glass of wine! Perfection!

Gunnar loves his Auntie K

Ela really took to Kerry...they were buddies all day!

Ela was very affectionate with Gunnar...even kisses on the mouth! Oh my!

John was super excited that Gunnar fell asleep in his arms for the very first time since he was a newborn.

Hillarious...Ela decided to see what it would be like to walk in Zach's shoes for a change!

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