Saturday, January 12, 2013

"50 dollars!"

Yesterday I took Gunnar to the mall to pick up a few presents and supplies for my etsy shop.
While we were in Forever 21 Gunnar started shouting "FIFTY DOLLARS! Fifty DOLLARS!!"
Which is hilarious because we all know NOTHING in Forever 21 costs $50...I'm pretty sure their highest price point is $34. I just laughed it off and figured he picked it up from some kid in his class...
but then he kept doing every store he said "Fifty Dollars!"
I was recounting this story to some friends last night while Gunnar was attentively listening to my retelling...he waited until I was done telling the story and then very calmly said "Movie says Fifty Dollars!" Apparently my son has already started quoting movies!
(That's also when I realized he's so verbal now that I can really ask him where his references come from and he just might tell me!) It took me a few minutes to think of which scene in which movie (though it wasn't quite difficult considering he's only seen 3 movies since he turned 2)...the quote came from Jim Hensen's: Emmet Otter's Jug band Christmas.  Quite a cute flick for kiddos of all ages!

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