Monday, January 14, 2013

Who's kid is this?

I took Gunnar to a new French Cafe called Le Cafe in Lincoln Square today. I decided to treat Gunnar to his first Banana Nutella Crepe...because he loves Chocolate, he likes bananas and LOVES pancakes...he'll LOVE IT! Oh wait, what was I thinking? I have that child who loves to say "NO!" when it comes to trying new despite my efforts to paint his lips with Nutella, he still refused to take a single bite. WHO'S KID IS THIS? This from the son of a girl who always asked what was for dessert before I even had dinner...
Needless to say...I couldn't let a perfectly scrumptious and decadent crepe go to I ate it.  Poor mommy (or yummy, depending on which way you look at it).

favorite Gunnar quote of the week: "Sorry for throwing COWS!!!"


  1. Sounds like a typical man, doesn't it? "I'm not going to even try it because I know I won't like it no matter WHAT you tell me!"

    1. Haha! These behaviors I'll never understand!
      Me: "Do you want Chocolate?"
      G: "Yes"
      Me: "Here...IT'S CHOCOLATE!!!"
      G: "NO! No! NO! No!"