Monday, January 7, 2013

Toy Time Out

I finally got so sick of Gunnar throwing EVERYTHING! Gunnar loves to love up his toys and books, run around the house with them and then chuck them as hard as he can at walls, people, down the stairs, etc.
When he threw my mother-in-law's porcelain salt and pepper shaker when I was trying to get it back from him, I decided enough is enough...I've got to stop this habit. But how?
Just putting him in time out wasn't enough...
So I finally sat Gunnar down and explained to him that things are not for throwing.
Balls are for throwing, but we only do that outside.
So from now on...if I see or hear him throw something he will get an instant time out AND so will the toy or object he threw and he will not be able to play with that toy for the rest of the day.

We implemented this new rule about a week ago...and I am SHOCKED at the transformation! Only a few toys and books have gone to that time out spot ontop of the bookshelf...and that's really all it took for G to kick this bad habit!

One big pat on the back for mommy!


  1. Weird, we JUST got to that point with that issue and started doing that a few days ago. I agree, instant results. We've had great luck with the counting (1,2,3) but there are a few things you can't count for and this is one of them. Matthew gets automatic time-outs for hitting (more like swatting at, but still) me or Mark and his toys get time-outs now if the throws them. The other day he was really mad and I thought he was gong to try to swat m when I was nursing Claire - or swat Claire - but he stopped and reconsidered and swatted the chair instead. I figure that's pretty good!

    1. Lisa, I've had some success with 1, 2, 3 too although I don't think Gunnar quite understands that concept. He just loves to count and for whatever reason it does get him to stop doing whatever he's doing only so he can start counting, ha ha! He'll just keep going to like 15! But I guess it distracts him from being bad know whatever!