Wednesday, January 16, 2013

have a chat...eye to eye

I've noticed a pattern.

When I get down at Gunnar's level, really squat down and explain to him what's about to happen...I believe I'm capable of diverting atomic bombs (also known as toddler melt downs).

Melt downs tend to happen when I go about my day and forget to clue Gunnar in to what's happening.
Today we could have had a bad moment. You see Gunnar's beloved owl lovey was sent to "time out" (or rather the washing machine) after he decided to put him in the garbage can (the stinky diaper one, yeah that happened) when he needed Owl for his afternoon nap, and owl wasn't dry yet...I knew it could be bad. So I got down to his level and talked it out with him...I found some alternative loveys (stuffys he hasn't seen in a while which made it special) and he was totally okay with tears! Took it like a pro!

yeah...I'm good! Super mom! The only unfortunate side-affect was when he woke up mid-nap with no owl...then we had a few tears, and less free time for mommy...I guess I'll have to save learning lines for tomorrow's nap.

Favorite Gunnar moment of the Day: Hearing Gunnar sing along to Rufus Wainwright's "Hallelujah" which sounds more like "La-lay-lu-leee, La-lay-lu-leee!"

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  1. LOL, this does not always work for me. Definitely sometimes, but definitely not all the time!