Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gunnar's Classes

Last November Gunnar and I started creating a schedule of weekly activities to look forward to.

I still take Gunnar to the Y most mornings so that I can get a workout in and get ready for the day without disruption, and Gunnar gets to socialize and play in the babysitting room (and its free with our membership)

Gunnar started taking a class at our YMCA on Tuesdays called Discovery Fun. This is actually a 90 minute drop-off class which is why we signed that I could potentially get some things done during this class if I need to.  Its a relatively small class with about 8-10 kids and they socialize, read stories, make crafts and sing songs. Gunnar loves it and often talks about his friends in his "class." Cost was relatively inexpensive at $100 for 8 weeks.

On Thursdays we had been going to Storytime at our new local library...(which, for those of you who've followed GM from the beginning, is MUCH better than our old library's story time...they actually sing songs that are supposed to be sung) Gunnar LOVES Miss Jessi and Mr. June and of course he gets to pick out books to bring home on the way out (bonus!).

 Unfortunately the toddler storytime got cancelled for the month of January so we were stuck with nothing to do on Thursdays until I found a music class at Gymboree to fill our time.  Gunnar took his first class this week and he really enjoyed it. The theme of the class was Queen music which made it enjoyable for mama too! We signed up for a month of classes but I think once Toddler Storytime gets back to Thursdays at the Library I think we'll stop taking the music class (only because storytime is free...) Our Gymboree class runs about $79/month (which is 4 classes with unlimited playtime) We did get a big discount this month which brought the cost down quite a bit...

Gunnar's been loving the socializing and mama's enjoying the freedom that scheduled activities provide.

P.S. Gunnar finished his Potty chart to buy a potty seat!

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