Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Over!

I can't believe it's done...just like that! And it was so easy...
Yesterday I woke up and I had made up my mind...I was done breastfeeding.  Done. I want my breasts back...I want to wear pretty bra's again...I want to feel like a woman and not just a milk factory.
For over 14 months I've been wondering how and when this would happen...
But I never could have imagined it would be this easy.
Gunnar did ask "May I please have some mommy's milk?" twice but both times I said to him "No sweetheart. Mommy is not going to give you any more milk. You're a big boy now and you don't need it, mommy can sing you lullabies though."
And both times...he just looked at me and said calmly "Okay mommy. May I please have some Edelweiss?" No struggle. Amazing.
He even woke up early this morning (from a nightmare, I think) and to my surprise he didn't ask for milk...only wanted "mommy rock you" (aka: mommy rocking him back to sleep).
It's done.
And I feel good...After nearly 26 breasts belong to me again!
No regrets.

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  1. We stopped 3 days after Robbie's 2nd birthday. I was about to stop him when one morning he said "I would like to have some rice krispies" And that was that. One time in the tub he asked, I gave, and then that was really that. I felt so good to have gone that long, though. Congrats congrats congrats. He's a healthy happy boy, and you got your breasts back!