Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 presents for 30 years

So I remember dreading growing older when I was a kid. Not because I wanted to eternally be a child, but because when you're an get less presents.  Imagine my relief to find myself now, a full blown bonifide adult about to turn (gulp) 30 and that fear has completely disappeared.  There really isn't anything I truly NEED.  And I find that in this day and age (and umm... the digital era) there is very little to desire.  I used to collect DVD's and CD's but now all I need is Netflix and an ipod and since I have those...what more could this girl need? Not to mention I've been trying to minimize the possessions in my life...
So with my 30th birthday swiftly approaching many might ask what this self declared minimalist wants for her birthday. Well to be honest...I don't really want anything. But if you still really want to know what I are 30 Fool Proof Presents that will always be welcomed by this almost 30-year old!

1. Your presence IS a present! Seriously...I can't think of a better present than to see a friend or family member on a holiday or any day really, especially if I don't see you often as it is. Cheesy, maybe but I'd rather have company than be lonely...any day!

2. Baked anything! I have a sweet tooth...and I will gladly devour anything with sugar in it...yum!

3. Candles or incense.  I love them and always need to replenish my stock (cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and lilac are my favorite scents!)

4. Tickets to a show. Any will do. Musical, Play, Symphony, Ballet, etc (Next to Normal is in Chicago around my birthday!!)

5. Tea. I love tea. English Breakfast is my fav...but I'll try any black tea that I can put milk in and have it the old English way!

6. Tea cups and saucers. I do have a small collection of tea cups and saucers...and hope to have enough for a HUGE tea-party some day!

7. Gift certificate to Anthropologie (my favorite store...there's always something I want there)

8. Chocolate. Preferably dark. Yum. 

9. iTunes gift card.

10. Anything handmade. If you made it...I will cherish it! There is nothing cooler than a gift made by the hands of someone you love!

11. Anything from Tiffany's & Co. (what girl could ever refuse something in a blue box? ahem...husband...)

12. mixed CD's. I love listening to other people's favorite music and making it my favorite music too!!

13. Real Pearls, fake pearls...anything pearl. Love.

14. Diamonds...(sadly I only like the real kind when it comes to diamonds...and preferably the conflict-free kind...husbands need only pay attention to #14.)

15.  Offers to babysit. Yes, I'll take a date night or girls night whenever I can get one...thank you!

16. Starbucks gift cards. Yes, I'm addicted. Yes, I like local coffee shops too!

17. Photos, memory books, anything made on Shutterfly.

18. Rocking Horse ornaments. Weird, I know...but I collect them and I will accept them anytime of year!

19. Earrings (a girl can never have to many!)

20.  Necklaces (a girl can never have to many!)

21. Bracelets (a girl can never have to many!)

22.  Headbands (okay I might have too many...but I don't care...I'll take more)

23.  A Designer hand bag...This is my current crush (in black): Kate Spade

24.  Spa Gift Certificates. (pedicures, manicures & massages are much needed these days!)

25.  Magazine subscriptions (Real Simple, Whole Living, American Theatre, Parents, Cookie...current fav's).

26.  A Trip to Norway (or anywhere in Europe). I would never expect this from anyone...but just putting it out there.

27.  Peace in the Middle East. Seriously would be the best present EVER (and I'm not joking...enough is enough!)

28. A visit from my nephew. (I already got this a few months early!!)

29. Anything on Etsy...there are so many amazing shops I could be on that sight for days!

30. Hugs and Kisses from my little boy! (I get these lucky am I?)

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  1. Is Gunnar wearing PANTS in those pictures?!? What a big boy!!!! Woo hoo!

    And, for your birthday, I'm hoping to put together a Milwaukee/Chicago trip sometime in the month of June. What do you think?? :-)