Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Nana and Gunnar
Mom and I in Giverny, France in 2007
 So today is my mom's 61st birthday (sorry mom...I did just announce that to the universe)!
Sadly I haven't been able to get a hold of her all day (she's out of town for a wedding, I guess) and since I know she's my #1 fan of this blog...I figure this is one way to reach her.

But while I'm wishing her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I would love to share with the universe what a fantastic mom I have.

I know I've already mentioned how she used to hide medicine in a mixture of applesauce and yogurt when I was little, and how she spent hours preparing the best Easter hunt Ever...but what I haven't mentioned is that she is the best friend an adult woman could have.  If you know anything about'll know that I'm not very fond of talking on the phone. I don't have the greatest hearing and frankly I'd much rather be face to face, which is why I don't have lengthy phone calls with hardly anyone. But for some reason I can talk for HOURS on end with my mom on the phone. I can tell her every little stupid detail of my day and she will actually find it interesting (or at least pretend to)...and I love that.

She can be hard on me at times, but that's because she sees my potential and wants me to be the best Kirstin I can be. She is an excellent writer and editor. She even edits this blog. So if you ever saw a glaring grammatical error in one of my posts...just check for it again in 24 hours and it will probably have been corrected...she's that good!

But what I don't tell my mom enough is how PROUD I am to be her daughter.  I am the daughter of one of the finest elementary school teachers our nation ever had.   My mother was so good at what she did that she had other teachers come to observe her teaching skills from around the country.  My mother has more patience than any teacher I ever had and I am certain she would be my favorite teacher of all time if I had been lucky enough to have her.  She may be retired now but her expertise is still sought after. 

And on top of all that...she is such an amazing Grandmother (NANA).  You can tell this is her favorite role of all...there is nothing she wouldn't do for her grand-babies...William and Gunnar don't know how lucky they are to be loved that much!

We wish we could have told you so in person...

We spent the day at the Lincoln Park Zoo with Gunnar's Great Aunt and Uncle Julie and Dave and 2nd Cousin's Ian and Ela.

HOORAY!!! Gunnar's 1st TOOTH finally started peeking through today!!!!

So Happy to be with DADDY!

Gunnar got to see a REAL owl for the first time today!!


  1. We had a fabulous time at the zoo with the three of you today! You're a great mom and Gunnar is a DOLL!! So proud of you all!

  2. Hi Kirstin,
    What a wonderful tribute to an amazing lady! Your mom is one in a million, and taught me so much about life, teaching, goodness, patience, and more.
    I am proud to call her a friend!
    And, BTW, awesome writing on your blog. Gunnar is so cute!