Sunday, April 17, 2011

Funday Sunday

With the exception of poor little Gunnar and his teething (or rather tonight) was such a treat. John's sister Kerry and her husband Zach came over with their cute dog Scooter and brought dinner, a birthday cake, an awesome present and we watched Black Swan together (none of us had seen it!).  It was soooo nice!!!

Okay... I am so excited about my Etsy shop! Things are really taking off! I just sold my second mobile and almost instantly received a note from another buyer asking if I had another one available. So I'm making a third one which is basically sold already! I LOVE making the mobiles! I don't know why but I get so much joy out of stitching these adorable little owls and creating these cute mobiles.  If the babies who are receiving these mobiles like them half as much as Gunnar does...than I am making some babies VERY HAPPY!

"Maybe mommy's cell phone will help my teeth come in..."

"Nope. Nothing works..."

Cute Cake from Kerry & Zach!!
 I'm really hoping Gunnar wakes up with some teeth because i don't think I can take another day of having such a sad boy. It's so unlike him.

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