Friday, April 8, 2011

Play Time & Quiet Time

So when it's just Gunnar and I all day long I try to divide the day so that Gunnar is stimulated in different ways and also so that I am able to get some things accomplished. I make a point of spending quality time playing with Gunnar as soon as he wakes up from a nap.  I feed him, change him and then we PLAY! Sometimes we'll read stories and sing songs, sometimes he rolls around on the floor to his heart's content, sometimes we dance and sing silly songs...whatever it is we do it for a good hour or until he gets tired and then it's quiet time.

For every hour of play, Gunnar then gets quiet time in his crib. Mostly he naps but sometimes he plays quietly and talks to himself or his owl mobile. It is during these "quiet times" that I am able to get some "mommy" things done.  I am so thankful that Gunnar loves his quiet crib time.  Thanks to "quiet time" I can write this blog, or take a shower, or clean the house or work on etsy projects.  I'm sure that eventually I'll have to offer books or toys to Gunnar during this "quiet time" if he isn't napping...but for now, I'm so impressed with his ability to entertain himself.  The other day he played quietly in his crib for 20 minutes and then put himself to sleep for a 45 minute nap without any coaxing from mom.

Play Time and Quiet Time is something I did with all of the kids I nannied and I highly recommend implementing a similar routine to other moms if you haven't already. It really helps me stay sane and feel like I've accomplished things AND it teaches your little one how to keep him/herself occupied. Plus, it allows me to REALLY enjoy the time when we PLAY together, which is so special to me.

Today we sat in a high chair for the first time...but not just any chair Grandpa's old high chair!

We got a new activity mat on loan from Auntie E, makes for fun times on the floor!
Grandpa Steve taught Gunnar a new trick today...standing unassisted! Yikes!

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