Thursday, April 28, 2011

mommy makeover time...

Uffda. (For all you non-scandanavian's out there who don't know what that means...look it up, and use's a fun word, and can never be over used.)

Today I had a lovely afternoon lunch with my dear friend Emily who brought over a lot of sweets and goodies to my dirty house for my belated birthday (smart girl read my blog and knew she couldn't miss with baked goods and a beautiful pair of earrings!).  I tried to get over the fact that my house was in shambles...due to numerous etsy projects and lack of time to devote to my cleaning schedule...but I found myself quite embarrassed whenever my eye shifted to bits of felt and thread all over the couch and floors. I mean this place needs a serious scrub down. But Emily seemed to not mind a bit, thank god (but she is an actress and I imagine quite good at hiding her disgust...And Emily is so sweet with Gunnar, always wanting to hold him and never intimidated if he fusses a little. She's one of those pro-active baby lovers who is determined to get them smiling and having a good time...which I love! Less work for me, right? but I digress...)

It wasn't until Emily left that I realized where the real mess was...right there sitting right on top of my own shoulders. Imagine that...a complete disaster of epic proportions right there on my on head. No really? You need proof? See for yourself.

It looks like the Alabama tornadoes took a detour through my hair!! I mean seriously? I went out today looking like this? WHAT? Here I had been having a lovely lunch date with GORGEOUS Emily looking like this?? What a wreck! I've let myself go! I mean I used to spend hours perfecting my coif and I would never show my face if I didn't at least have a heap of mascara on...
I haven't touched the stuff since (well I did put some on for Easter...but besides then...)...I don't know February! ANd YES that is a pimple on my cheek and yes I think Gunnar indeed gave me a hickie on my chin...but who needs makeup when you look this glamorous?? Ha!
I'm going to need to do some major renovations on my head before I head to this audition Monday. I need to look like this:

I know...I've got my work cut out for me.

So I will be making a hair appointment this weekend and relearn the art of hairstyling and makeup wearing. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile my kid looks can see where I focus my energy these days.

Gunnar was feeling quite a bit better today. The pediatrician prescribed some creme for his "area" and other than a mini melt down this was a much better day.

Tonight when I was nursing him to sleep I sang him some spirituals for the first time...I love singing spirituals. I think God made my voice to sing spirituals...if I could only sing one genre for the rest of my life that's what I would choose. I think Gunnar liked it too because for the first time he stopped nursing looked right in my eyes, smiled and closed his eyes...and fell asleep to "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" with that cute little smile glued on his face.


  1. Ha! I will be doing a post soon on losing the art of self-care, I'm sure!! I hope you have a blast getting done up! Also, you melted my heart talking about nursing him to sleep... I do the same with Emma and love it when she's half awake, half asleep and cracks a little smile : )