Sunday, April 3, 2011

March Goals: Wrap Up

Ouch March! Why did you have to be so cruel to my goals Yo? I hardly accomplished any of you!!
Well here's a reminder of what I said I'd do and what I actually did:

1. Continue to list at least 1 item on my Etsy shop everyday. (Almost. Does that count? Thanks to a trip in Florida I sort of fell off of this goal for 5 days)

2. Make at least 1 item for my Etsy shop everyday. (Almost again...I think I missed 5-6 items in there due to Florida trip).

3. Finish first draft of my Children's book. (Argh!! After writing half of the book I became very unsatisfied with my writing and tossed it...started over with a new concept on March 30th...not done, still...this goal gets moved to next month, again!)

4. Talk to the YMCA and/or my church about doing Acting/Theater classes this summer for kids. (nope...haven't been to the Y much this month due to high volume of etsy sales and Florida trip)

5. Refrain from watching any television until Gunnar is in bed for the night. (Oh Hooray! One I can actually check off! Done and done! I'm going to keep this a goal for a while...I prefer his eyes aren't exposed to it at all...he gets too glued to it and there so many other things his little mind should focus on at this age!)

6. Start a book club.  (Oh hooray! Another one I can check off! Ladies of Chicago Bookclub underway and starting our first book this month!!) 

7. Make an appointment and GO to the Dentist (argh...this one needs to go to next months never happened but NEEDS to happen...)

We finally picked up and framed G's 3 month photo! So sweet!
Tonight for the first time ever since G was born...mommy will not be putting him to bed. Wish daddy luck! Because mommy is going to see friend Emily in 'Sense and Sensibility' with aunt Kerry! I can't wait...but am a little nervous about how little G will do.

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