Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Too smart for mommy's tricks...

My baby really HATES: finger clipping, nose cleaning and removal of eye crusties.

I try to be slick and quick but he fusses and moves my hands away in protest faster than I can complete the task. I hate messing with him, I really do...I don't want to do it but I have some kind of complex about it. I don't want to have the kid with boogers hanging out everywhere and scratches all over his face because his fingernails are an inch long.

What is a mommy to do? It drives me nuts!
So I made the mistake of trying to do it while he's sleeping. Won't try that again...
Poor kid is beginning to look like a war victim with scratches all over his face because he won't let mommy cut his nails. And I just know it's only going to get worse. The only trick I haven't tried is doing it in the bath...he's always happy in the bath. Maybe the fun of the water might distract him...but I don't know...he's quite the splasher.

He's also beginning to protest the medicine dropper. Getting him to take Tylenol or his daily Vitamin D is a real challenge...and in the end after all that he spits out and what gets smeared on his face from his head shaking, I think he only takes in half of what I give him (if that).

No teeth yet. Last night was the worst. He woke up SCREAMING 3 times (which is so unlike him...he's been sleeping 10 hours straight for over a month now) with his eyes closed and his hands in his mouth. It was heartbreaking.  He's such a sad little boy these days...but he still manages to laugh and smile and forget his pain during the day when mommy is giving him her undivided attention.


  1. I just went to a breastfeeding class and asked about Vitamin D supplements for babies, and she said that if I take Vitamin D supplements, no need to give them to baby. I don't know if you take them or not, but that's one less thing for baby Gunnar to worry about!

  2. I'll show you my gadget for nails when you come. We can try it out on Gunnar to see if he likes it.

    Kenna's been waking up a ton (every hour or two it seems)! I am glad you're going through the same thing because I was starting to worry about her being up a ton when you're here. Hopefully, she'll be over this and back to herself. While she wasn't usually sleeping 10 hours, I could usually count on sleeping until 4:30 or 5 before having to get up to feed her. The last few days she just hasn't been herself. Maybe both kiddos will have new teeth by the time you visit!

  3. Nosefrida snotsucker nasal aspirator. Saves my sanity every day. $15 on Amazon.

  4. M has been doing the same thing your friend Kelly is talking about. Tell her I let him cry it out for just two nights - the first night was miserable but the second night it was REALLY brief and now he's back to his later wake-up.

  5. I agree on the snotsucker. Possibly the best thing I've bought for Kenna.