Friday, April 22, 2011

30 thoughts about turning 30

 The NOT so deep thoughts from a mom indifferent about turning 30...

1.  I do not look nearly as old as I always thought I'd look at 30.
2.  30 is the new 20 right? I think so.
3.  Gone are the days of throwing myself a big birthday bash...(although my family is throwing me a nice dinner party tonight)...on to throwing my babies big parties instead!
4.  I love sharing a birthday with Earth day...I wish I had thought of 30 things I could do for the earth today to celebrate my 30th with the Earth...but I always think of things like that as an after thought these days...I blame motherhood.
5.  I might be 30, which sounds old...but Justin Timberlake is 30 and he's still cool...right?
6.  I have a funny feeling this decade is going to go faster than the last.
7.  I just keep thinking about that episode from "Full House" where Danny Tanner turns "30!" (where he can't say the words and everyone else has to say it for him...remember?) And I keep thinking gosh...Danny Tanner had 3 kids AND his own morning talk show "Wake Up San Francisco". I'm so behind...what have I been doing?
8.  30 is half way to 60...
9.  This is the only year when my cats and I are the same age in "Human Years"....poor kitties are going to be senior citizens starting next year.
10.  Now that I'm 30...I think I'm officially too old to play the role of  "Annie"...*sigh*
11.  When I was a kid I always thought I'd have a "real" job by now...HA!
13.  I might be 30 but I still can play a teenager on stage...(I least I did last year)
14.  If I'm 30 how old is Zack Morris?
15.  15 years ago I was 15...
16.  15 years from now I'll be 45...
17.  I'm one year closer to getting that senior discount at museums and restaurants.
18.  I have a decade to get used to being called "mam". 
19.  I might be 30 but my husband is going to be 32...that makes me feel better.
20.  If I get carded these days I thank the server...(I used to be offended)
21.  If I don't get carded I cry a little inside.
22.  Just a few years ago I got carded for an R rated movie...if that happened again...boy would they have a chuckle when they see how old I really am.
23.  If I'm 30 how old does that make Punky Brewster?
24.  Officially I can no longer use the excuse "I'm late for school" if I get pulled over by the cops.
25.  In only five years I can run for president, I can't wait!
26.  People are bound to take me more seriously now that I'm in my 30's. I mean that's a serious age...right?
27.  There is only one option to not turning 30, that is death. I say, “Welcome 30!”
28.  I may be turning 30 but I will still always be the youngest in my family.
29.  Because I'm 30 I can write a distinguished blog, all those youngsters know how to do is Tweet. (now is the part where I admit that I don't know how to Tweet...yup I'm that stubborn old facebooker...I would have held on to Myspace longer if everyone else hadn't jumped ship for facebook.)
30. The only difference between 30 and 29 is one day. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Kirstin! You're SO cute. I love your blog! Your uncle Dave will be twice your age this coming Tuesday!

  2. Oh good lord Kirstin!! Your #8 and #16 scared me... my ONLY thought about turning 30 was your #30 last year. I guess my denial was successful because I've been a little freaked out about turning 31 this year... good for you for taking a more realistic approach, your 31st bday won't be as scary!