Saturday, April 9, 2011

Passing the torch

I remember a time, not so long ago when I alone (or at least so I liked to think) provided full entertainment for family and friends alike with my dimples, charm and all around cuteness.  I would don pink tutus and twirl around the house hoping to garner praise from anyone within eye sight (side note:  I never took former ballet as a child like my sister who was probably superior in such twirling...but that didn't stop me from trying to obtain the optimal "talented" award)  I believe I had a true talent for getting people to watch me...let's be honest, I am an actress partially because I still crave such accolades.  But as I grew older, I remember feeling pings of jealousy for my younger cousins who were younger and cuter and more capable of grabbing the attention of others.

But now as I watch my adorable nephew sing and perform concerts on his copious instruments and my own son attracting crowds with his flapping arms and giggles, I find myself surprised that the jealousy that I used to harbor for anyone getting more attention than me has turned to pride and joy of watching that torch of entertaining pass on to the next generation. And here I sit back relaxed with an honest smile stretched across my face, the old entertainer now the one being entertained...enjoying my new role as "audience member". 

It's exhausting entertaining the masses!

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