Saturday, April 23, 2011

A mother's dilemna

What should a mother do?
Imagine this...your sweet little baby has been fighting sleep all morning and just when you finally get him down peacefully sleeping like an realize...he has a poopy diaper.
I hate these moments...and I've had many just like this. Like this morning. Should you risk waking him to avoid the diaper rash and for the sake of his poor bum? Or do you let him sleep because he needs to sleep so desperately?
This morning I chose the latter but it's always such a dilemna for me. I hate the thought of making my child sleep in a poopy makes me want to cry when ever I think too much about it. No one should ever have to do uncomfortable! But I am of that mind that waking a sleeping baby is a cardinal sin...especially when your baby's schedule has been so thrown off like G's has this weekend. 
But situations like this are alway a gamble and sometimes I will wake him...and sometimes not. I wish G was the kind of baby that could sleep through a diaper change. But he's I am afraid i will continue to wonder which is the lesser evil until G is potty trained.


  1. Trust me that you won't have to wait that long! They don't like sitting in stinky diapers after they realize the connection, which usually comes long before potty training...

  2. Also, once you start solids it's no longer an issue for a few reasons: (1) Their poop toughens up so even if they sit in it through a nap, it doesn't leave a rash; (2) Their poop smells worse, so you'll notice if they have a poopie diaper before you start the sleep routine (3) They'll poop far less frequently meaning it's just not likely to happen at a bad time and their rump generally won't have a rash. At least that's how its been for us. Hang in there!