Friday, April 1, 2011

a night of luxury

So Today Gunnar and I spent the day downtown with my sister as she attends a Poli-Sci conference at the famous Palmer House in Chicago. We explored the shops of State street and have checked into our deluxe room at the Palmer house! No need to worry about the cribs case you're planning a visit (see picture below)! As I am writing this Gunnar is rolling around on the floor in every direction! He's giving himself quite the workout and seems to be enjoying every minute of it! I need to be better about letting him do this. I've noticed that I like to hold him a lot or he's sitting in his chair or confined to his crib...but I rarely give him the freedom to just move. It's not that I'm scared to let him do it...I think I'm just on the move so much that I rarely give him that freedom...I need to change that.
I'm looking forward to our night in this beautiful hotel and spending another day down here tomorrow!
Ahhh! This is the life!

The Palmer House Crib

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  1. Now that is the type of crib I sort of want to get for M. Our own crib was a hand-me-down from Mark's oldest sister and her family... it does the job but I just saw that some furniture stores sell mini-cribs like this. They take up a lot less space and cribs don't actually need to be as big as they are. I'm very tempted... especially since ours has a drop-down side so is technically not okay.