Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Things I can't function without!

So here is a list of the 10 things I use everyday:

1. Devacurl AnGel ---I have wavy/curly hair and I discovered this product in 2006 when I first went to the Devachan salon in NYC to get my hair cut. Devachan specializes in curly hair and I have yet to have a haircut that compares to the many cuts I had there when I lived in NYC. But this gel still saves my sanity everyday...I just use a quarter size drop scrunch it in my hair, don't touch it until it dries, and then once it's dry I scrunch my hair one last time and I have beautiful soft touchable curls. EASY and AMAZING!

2. Estee Lauder Daywear Plus--I have tight dry skin on my face...this wakes it up and refreshes my face every morning. And I love the smell of cucumber!

3. Brita Water Dispenser --As a breastfeeding mommy I drink gallons of water everyday...the pitchers just don't hold enough water for me (I would be filling them 3-4 times a day) This I only have to fill once (okay sometimes twice) a day.

4. Aveeno Baby butt creme --This is the only stuff that Gunnar seems to not mind on his bum. I slather it on daily.

5. Huggies Naturally Refreshing Baby Wipes --Changing 2-3 poopy diapers a day is kind of gross. But not when you have these wipes...they smell so nice (cucumber again) it literally wipes away the icky poopy smell.

6.  PreNatal Vitamins with DHA Omega --As a breastfeeding mommy I take these everyday! And I don't have to buy extra DHA supplements which gets pricey.

7.  Sleep Sheep--Seriously I use this cute little guy 3-4 times a day. The soothing sounds really help soothe Gunnar to sleep. I prefer the Waves sound...but Gunnar seems to like the Whales too. He even knows how to turn it on at night when he needs help getting back to sleep!!

8.  Nursing Cover --I have two (one that was handmade) and this one. There isn't a place in this world where I am afraid to nurse. I'll do it on a bench, in a bathroom, on the bus, in a long as I have this...we're not offending anyone (hopefully...but who cares!). is offering FREE covers again (that's how I got mine) now until Mother's Day.  Use code: MOTHER at check out, You just pay for shipping!!

9. Snap N' Go --I seriously think this is the best thing in the world! It has made my life so easy! Especially for those early months. I can get that heavy carseat with sleeping baby in tow anywhere in a SNAP! It's small, so easy to fold and the basket is huge (I can walk to the grocery store and bring home my groceries in it!).  When I have a million things to bring up from the car...I just put everything in this and stroll G and everything else inside!

10. Cordless Tea Kettle I use this EVERY single make hotwater for my tea, oatmeal, hot chocolate...whatever. It also came in handy to make hot water for our bath when our water heater was broken this winter. LOVE IT!

I was going through clothes today and I looked at this hat I bought for next winter and realized it looked like it would fit now...

It's so cute...I hope it lasts til next winter...but the way this kid is growing...I doubt it.

This was Daddy's baby hat

So cute!

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  1. Oh! I love the DevaCurl products!!! I wish I could afford them on a regular basis... they're what I usually buy with birthday money ; )