Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baby Boy Day

Today we got together with 3 other families from John's work for a "picnic" which ended up being indoors due to the rain. Gunnar has never been around so many babies...and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. As usual...he thought the whole situation was hilarious. Bennett and Frankie were 4 and 5 months older than Gunnar and their parents were constantly concerned they were going to hurt Gunnar...crawling all over him, throwing objects in his general direction. I wasn't scared in the least...Gunnar needed to be inducted into this kind of play at some point. He's used to playing by this was a good learning experience for him.
It was amazing to see these older boys and realize that's where G will be in just a few months time. The youngest baby there was Kai who just turned 4 months and it was also amazing to see how much has happened in just 2 months. Kai slept peacefully on his mommy's shoulder and it made me nostalgic for the days when Gunnar used to sleep on my shoulder that way. Now there's no way he'd sleep in an environment like that...he's too aware of his surroundings now. And sleeping on my shoulder is virtually non-existent unless I'm trying to get him back to sleep in the middle of the night.
I'm actually beginning to wonder if my baby has moved out of the snuggly phase. I was hoping he'd stay that way forever...but now I'm realizing he hasn't been snuggly for quite sometime now...and that makes me sad.  I wish I could teach him to want to snuggle...but that's just selfish on my part, I guess.

Oh well.

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  1. Oh Kirstin!!! Do not worry a second longer! This post makes me so sad and nostalgic. But my little man actually JUST became more of a snuggler over the past 2 weeks. It was as if he needed to be old enough to realize that he could initiate or be responsive to that kind of thing. All of a sudden he was putting his head on my shoulder with an arm around my neck, and sucking his thumb, when I'd pick him up and just after nursing. THEN yesterday he was in a super good mood all day and planted a few "baby kisses" (where they just go at you with their mouth wide open) on my mouth. He can crawl and will now follow me around, tugging at the bottom of my pajama pants. He saw another little girl with similar looking pants and was crazy for them. This morning I let him crawl around in the living room while I tried to sleep longer in my bedroom (he was up at 6, and UP) and he made his way all the way into my room. They do go through a phase of not being as sleep-on-you as they were as infants, but then as they develop more awareness and their bond with you grows, it comes back in a different and more meaningful way. Don't get me wrong - I still sighed a heavy sigh reading about the 4 month old and recalling those days. But this is just as good in a different way. Just as good - really! Hang in there!