Thursday, May 19, 2011

Remembering Sam

Today I am celebrating the memory of an amazing woman who passed away almost two years ago.
Today is my Aunt Sam's birthday.
Sam was one classy lady. The kind that every woman strives to be...a true role model.
She had excellent taste.  She knew how to dress, how to decorate, and how to throw a good party.  She always looked like a million bucks even when she was in her "scrubs" on the couch eating popcorn routing for her Green Bay Packers.  When I was 5 years old I actually thought she was Cinderella. I'll never forget seeing my beautiful Aunt Sam descending the staircase in a sparkly white gown with long jaw was on the floor....Cinderella is actually in my!!!
You could hear her talking from a mile away...she never lost her strong Wisconsin accent and she could talk you into anything with a flash of her smile. 
She left behind a loving husband and two beautiful growing families...

To Uncle Jim, Ty & Lu, Troy & Montanna, Emma, Ben, Aspen, Analiese, and Colby...I'm thinking of you all today and eating an imaginary piece of that delicious white chocolate raspberry cake she loved so much!
I never imagined we would have to say goodbye to her so soon. 
Happy Birthday Aunt Sam! I miss you.


  1. Kirstin - this posting made me cry and I have said in past, and still today,
    no one ever had a better sister - and she did ROOT her Packers on at all times - even a bit extra this year I think!!!
    Love, Dad

  2. Very well written, Kirstin. It still seems impossible to be true that she is no longer with us. We miss her terribly, but see her so much in Aspen's unapologetic tenacity, spontaneity, sense of style, and affinity for princesses..most especially "Cinderelly" (as she says); but also in those unmistakeable Franklin brows in Ben's quizzical "WHAT?!?!" expression; and most especially in Analiese, the miracle baby, whose due date was MAY 19th. We have the luxury of celebrating her everyday as she is so very present in our children. We are greatly moved by your tribute to her. Much love, Lu and Ty