Sunday, May 15, 2011

10 Years, 7 years, 6 months...

Today is a BIG day!
John and I have officially been an "item" for 10 years! Our 1st baby "Elsa" turns 7 years old today! (What?) And our baby boy is 6 months old today....OMG!!! This day sort of represents the chronology of Kirstin & John.

This is one of the first pics of John and curly was my hair? Geeze!
We think this might have been Elsa's Birthday in 2004 (she's that cute little white and gray kitty) on Pam & Doug's farm

And here she is the day after we brought her home (4 weeks old) wasn't she adorable?? 

Gunnar still isn't feeling well today so I think we'll wait until he's 100% to put do his 6 month photo shoot (I know that might be cheating but I'd rather take pics when he's got his personality on). Though we did have a moment of trying to replicate one of our favorite William photos. 

William is our adorable nephew...and when he was 6 months I traveled with him to Ireland. We got several great shots of William "going for the Guinness"...and since daddy was enjoying a Guinness today we thought we'd give it a try!

A Valiant effort...but as you can see Gunnar doesn't quite capture the same intensity as William does...Good effort buddy but I think Cousin William takes the cake on this one!

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