Monday, May 30, 2011

For Crying Out Loud!

Holy Smokes I was a tired puppy this morning. Gunnar was up every 2 hours last night SCREAMING his head off. The only legitimate reason I found was the pee-thru that I discovered at 3am...but the subsequent wakings at 9pm, 11pm, 1am, 5am, 6am, 7:30am just seemed to be screams to question where mommy was.  By 6 am I was ready to rip my hair out....I don't think the kid had slept a wink since 3am...and neither had I. Finally I decided to legitimately do a "cry it out" session at 9am.  G wasn't sleeping and wouldn't let me leave the room without breaking into screaming complaints. I'd had it. It was time to see if he could figure out how to put himself to sleep. HA! Cry it out FAIL. He continued to SCREAM his head off for an hour...the only thing either of us got out of it was one set of puffy eyes and 2 wounded souls. Finally after an hour...mommy couldn't take it any more and I gave in and nursed him for comfort....of course...instantly he fell asleep for 2 hours.

But later today I think I might have cracked the case to all this waking...I discovered a front tooth coming through. So I'm hoping that this was what was causing all the waking...

But regardless I do think I am going to do some NAP training (thanks Lisa M!) with G. I realized today that maybe it would be helpful to be more consistent with nap times and to implement nap routines (the way we do with bed time) so that he feels more comfortable with the situation and maybe it will help him understand it's time to sleep.

And now for your viewing pleasure...this weekend's photos...including: Rockstar Gunnar!!!
Yeah...I make Pleather look sweet!

Singing the blues...

He's a natural!

This was the beautiful sunset out our window last night!

Happy Memorial Day!!

Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa!


  1. We've also had a couple of nights like this lately, but Kenna still doesn't have any teeth. So . . . I can only assume that's probably not it for her. I have noticed though that the nights she doesn't sleep well are the nights when she doesn't take good naps. The only other connection I've found is that sometimes she hasn't nursed as much during the day, so I wonder if she's extra hungry at night. I've heard this can happen when they get a little older because they're too distracted by other things. Normally, I try to keep her on a pretty good schedule of feeding every three hours, but if I'm busy and she doesn't seem hungry sometimes she goes longer. Or if she's in the middle of a good nap, I'm not one to wake her unless it's been a really long time. Last night when she woke up around 1, I realized she had only had five feedings instead of her usual six, so I fed her, and she then slept til 7. And then again til 10 when I woke her up to go the zoo. Might have just been chance, but it seemed to work last night!

    Good luck! Those nights are so hard! Try to be patient with little G. I know it can be trying.

  2. Love It! Rock on Gunnar!
    Grandma and Grandpa H