Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So Gunnar is at that phase where he wants his hands on everything you have...and everything anyone else has for that matter. He is FAST too...he broke a glass last week because he just launched for it before we could even grab it. His favorite things of course are any form of technology: the computer, a cell phone, the camera, the home phone...
It is definitely getting out of hand and a little annoying. I am constantly trading him objects.  And if he drops something, or (God forbid) you take it away from him...he is a mess...instant tears, head tossed back...flailing arms, screams even.  Now that he has two little teeth I'm worried that he could bite off pieces of things and swallow them or choke.
My life is definitely getting harder...and I know it's just beginning. He'll be crawling any day now. He's got the "on all fours" thing down and the arm moving motion...he just has to figure out how to move his bottom half. Ahhh!

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