Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6th month Check-up!

Grandma Kathy came with me to Gunnar's 6 month appointment today.
Here were his stats:
Weight- 15# 15 oz (10th percentile)
Height- 26.5 inches (25th percentile)
Head- 43.3 (25th percentile)

His weight wasn't quite what they expected but Dr.T assured us that it could be that he lost a little weight while he was sick, or because I've been sick...
(Oh yeah...I don't think I mentioned that. Last night I had a temperature of 102! I haven't had a fever like that since I was a kid! Miserable! Ugh! Fever, Chills, Body aches, Runny Nose, sore throat...and tonight nausea! Ugh! Ridiculous! I have been a mess. I'm not one to pass up a meal out with the in-laws but tonight I'm at home alone because my stomach was too queasy to venture outside, let alone eat normal food. Trying to care for a sick baby while you are sick yourself is...quite a challenge. Luckily I think Gunnar is on the up and up.)

Other information from his visit today:
Apparently he's behaving like a 9 month old. The army crawl he's doing, the consonants he's repeating, the exchanging objects from one hand to the other...all 9 month behaviors. He also has a strong understanding of object permanence (another 9 month behavior) which means he tracks objects when they fall to the floor, etc. So basically we have a little smart boy!

We discussed solid foods. We're going to start those ASAP. I was waiting for his highchair to arrive, but looks like it's on back order so we might just start by holding him (bad idea?).  I think we're going to start with avocado since it's a smooth textured fruit (is it a fruit??) and I don't have to cook it...just mix with some breast milk.  I think I've decided to make most of the baby food...for now...see how it goes.

We also discussed his teeth...which apparently do need to be brushed or at least wiped clean with a washcloth everyday. But no toothpaste until he's 2.

While we waited for Dr. T, Gunnar chewed on his socks and then proceeded to rip up all of that paper he's sitting on and chewed on that too...ha!
Thank the lord for Grandma Kathy who made me soup and tea and offered to watch G when we got home this afternoon so that I could sleep. Let's hope this sickness is gone by tomorrow.

COMING UP: Another Give away! This time a baby essential item... Stay tuned!


  1. So can chewing his socks count as the wipe down? Hope you feel better!

  2. For the solids: we started Emma with banana (4 days), oatmeal with banana (4 days) and just started avocado (with banana) tonight. For the most part, I just mash everything together but the avocado was a little clumpy for her liking. Once I blended it, she was happy to eat it.

    For the teeth, I wet a washcloth and let her chew on it for a while. Also, I got a baby toothbrush. I get it wet, freeze it and let her play with it once or twice a day. I figure it's never too early to introduce the concept ; )

    I hope you feel better!!