Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holy Last Minute Audition...You Rocked!!

And Gunnar helped!

So I'll admit I knew about the possibility of this audition for much longer than the last "Last Minute Audition". But as of Sunday night I didn't think I was going to get to audition for this show because I couldn't find a sitter for Gunnar at 2:15 on a Tuesday afternoon. So I put it out of my mind...said "Oh Well" and sent my regrets to the producers via email.... and I thought...that was that.
Yesterday at 4pm I get a surprising email response "Bring the Baby see you at 2:15 tomorrow." Eeeeeek! I didn't have time to think about how strange that would be because I was in the middle of preparing for the bookclub I was hosting that evening...but I should have known they would be understanding...after all I was auditioning for "Mommies: A Musical Blog".  No.  I'm not kidding!!

But.. I didn't even get around to preparing for this audition until 11pm last night. Ha! Luckily I had a great monologue ready... all I needed to do was find a song. So I spent the morning playing with G and performing my pieces for him in various situations and thankfully he took a nice nap an hour before we had to leave...

I had no idea how this was going to work...(bringing in G to the audition) but I was so grateful that they gave me a break and let me do it. Gunnar was a hit from the minute we got there...they gave me my audition number... 22 (My lucky number...how did they know?) and took my photo WITH G...why not? Several of the producers joked when they saw me come in "Oh that's good...bringing your lifelike prop!" And I loved how the moderator joked with other auditioners coming in: "And where's your baby? Didn't you know it was a requirement to bring a baby to the audition?" The director even came out and asked if she could hold him before my audition! So sweet! When I finally went in for my audition I brought Gunnar into the theater in his carseat and he sat with the panel like he was one of the directors. It was so cute! It went so well...that they asked me to come back for a callback tomorrow!! (G can't come tomorrow but luckily daddy can take a half day!)  I was thrilled!

Regardless of how tomorrow goes...I'm so grateful for the opportunity to audition...even with G! And I'm so proud to have my first callback in Chicago...(not bad after only 3 auditions so far!).  Cross your fingers for me...how funny would it be to be blogging about a show about blogging mothers? Hahahaha! Love it!!

Gunnar had to wear this bib for the audition! Thanks cousin Kristin!!


  1. WOW! Congrats!!! And call me if you're ever in a pinch! Sometimes I can swing things.

  2. Yeah! That's so awesome!! I'm sending you lots of juju for callbacks!!

  3. Sounds like the perfect role! Glad it went well, and that's great that your hubby's schedule is so flexible!