Saturday, May 14, 2011

My little patient...

 I think the drastic changes in weather in the last 5 days have really had an affect on my baby boy. We went from near 90 degrees on Monday to 35 degrees and snow in Colorado on 80 degrees in Chicago on Thursday to 50 degrees yesterday and 40 degrees today. 

I started hearing a congested cough in Gunnar on Thursday...but it seemed few and far between so I wasn't too concerned. But by late afternoon yesterday when we had Gunnar's 6 month photo shoot at Gooch Too, he started plummeting downhill. Sneezing like crazy, drippy-runny nose...luckily I think Renee was able to get some good shots before he fell apart. But by 4:00 am this morning I had a full blown sicky sick baby on my hands. His eyes are puffy and red...constantly watering. His nose is a faucet and the cough has gotten worse. He's even been pulling on his I'm worried he could have an ear infection. This is a sore sight for any mommy. I had a lot of things I was hoping to do today...but I am putting them all aside to comfort my little patient. He's been nursing A LOT today. I'm hoping this is where that term: "Nurse back to Health" comes from.  Maybe my milk is the best medicine he needs. I called the doctor yesterday and they said the best thing I can do is help him sleep and to put a humidifier in the room. REALLY? That's it??!! I just want to take all these icky symptoms away so I can have my fun giggly boy back.

So if you're wondering where I am on this rainy Chicago can find me in G's room singing lullabies, reading stories and nursing my little man with the humidifier on full blast all day long...

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