Sunday, May 22, 2011

G's First Meal!!

It's official...Gunnar is eating solids.
It's true. We weren't completely prepared...But here's how we did it:

Yes... our highchair is on backorder and probably won't be here for a few more weeks. For those of you who are curious we ordered this Chicco swivel hook on highchair to save some valuable floor space. We liked it because it turns so baby can face you while you're feeding them and it still has a cleanable tray for self feeding. But like I said...we don't have it I can't give an honest review until we've used it.

We did have a backup that Miss Emily Gunesch suggested we get many moons ago. My Little Seat wraps on any chair and it turns it into a mini high chair! It works for now. The only problem was our dining chairs were too tall so we had to put it on our computer chair. 
So we strapped Gunnar in this bad boy...with our favorite fully sleeved bib from IKEA.
I took out the 2 ounces of breast milk I pumped a few nights ago when I thought Gunnar had woken up but didn't  and poured 1 oz of it in the small container of our magic bullet.  Then I added 1/6 of a piece of avocado and blended away. Mmmmm Breastmilk flavored guacamole! And here's the fun part....I put some on a spoon and offered it to G! He was really excited about the spoon. I think he was more excited about the Gerber BPA Free Soft bite spoon than he was about the new experience he was having in his mouth. He ate about 1/8 of what I prepared and spent most of the time chewing on the spoon. And we made an excellent MESS!!! Breastmilk Guacamole in the Hat even!!

We were planning on trying some more avocado tonight I suspected the other half of the 1 avocado John bought at the store looked brown and icky by today. Hmmm so we moved on to BANANAS tonight!! Same recipe minus the avocado. HUGE HIT! He ate maybe 1/2 of what I prepared him this time...and we learned the technique of holding his arms down to get him to focus on the eating. SUCCESS!!! More bananas tomorrow night! Fun Fun!

Mmmm Avocado!

I don't know why he's wearing a winter was cold yesterday...40's.

I like my spoon!

TODAY WAS GORGEOUS!!!! We went on a trip to Visit Ian & Emily and Bristow!!

Gunnar can now ride Bristow like a horse!

BRISTOW!!! So handsome!

Gunnar's first swing ride!

Happy Boy at the Park!

Off to visit Aunt Kerry for Lunch! What a GREAT DAY!!!!


  1. M's fave food is and always has been avocados! I've found that if I cut the avocado in half and then give him the half without the pit one night (he eats an entire half), I can wrap the other half in plastic and it keeps pretty well in the fridge for 1-2 days. Trick is getting as little air in with it as possible; hence my saving the half with the pit still in it. Do you know the trick to get the pit out? You take a sharp knife and you hit the pit hard so that the knife sticks a bit, and then twist. Pit comes right out. Have fun with the feeding!

  2. I'm glad you have a back up. It's not ideal, but does it's job!

  3. Great photos - love the hat - brats and pizza soon!! Love, Dad

  4. Yay solids! It's been so fun for us, I'm sure you guys are having a blast too!!

    Also, I'm noticing he's looking more and more like you! So adorable!!