Friday, May 27, 2011

The Teenage Years I never had...

Currently I have more pimples on my face than I had in my entire teenage life.
That's not saying much, if you knew me at all in high school you'll know that I had perfectly clear skin and I think I might have had 2 maybe 3 pimples ever! But now I think my skin is trying to make up for lost time. Post pregnancy suck. I don't know what to do with pimples so I just put toothpaste on them at night and hope they get smaller by morning.

I also currently have a lovely array of hickeys all over my body...another teenage phenomenon that I never got to experience.  No...they are not from my husband...they were a gift from my baby who likes to use mommy's shoulders and arms as a pacifier.  There is nothing more attractive than purpley splotches of burst blood vessels adorning your skin.  These would have been cool 15 years I just look like a battered wife.

Yes. That's my a tree.
In other news: Gunnar and I were very happy to have daddy home all day today and for the next 3 days! Happy Memorial Weekend to everyone!

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