Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Test: Can Do Crowds...

Um. Yeah. So we had a crazy weekend. Didn't really plan it. But somehow we ended up in two major Chicago Festivals in the last two days.

With G's Grandma and Grandpa in town we took an impromptu trip downtown for the Taste of Chicago. G slept through most of the "taste" part...which is pretty impressive considering how crowded and noisy it was (I believe we can thank our "City Mini" stroller for the success of the naps...thanks to the huge canopy and full reclining mode). 

Then we went to listen to the music portion on the lawn (G's first experience with Grass...he did NOT take well to the grass...wanted to be picked up immediately).

And then today...
We decided to take part in the Pride Parade with John's work aboard the PEPSICO Pride Parade Float! This turned into a full day event. We left the house at 10:30 and didn't get home until 6:00pm.  Thanks to our amazing stroller...G did take a few naps.  Our float didn't start moving until about 2:30 or so...and WOW...craziness! But what fun! G was such a hit! It was so fun to watch people's reaction to the baby on the float.  They'd go from crazy party/screaming to high pitch baby voices..."Ohhhhhh look at the baby...HI BABY!" I'm not sure who was getting more attention...G or the guy on the float who took his shirt off. I have to say at times I was a little worried about his ears from all the screams and loud music (but thanks to a generator problem, the music wasn't blaring the whole time)...and I gave him breaks from the sun in his stroller (which we kept on the float) every 15 minutes or so.  Eventually we had to sneak off the float so I could nurse him without all of the distracting music/screams/etc.
waiting for the bus...we've got our pride gear on!

This was our was vandalized over night (someone slashed the tires and stole the "i" this happened to most of the Pride floats...but that didn't prevent us from having a good time!)

All Smiles!

Here we go!!

We acquired a hitchhiker who was promptly asked to "get down"

The crowds were insane! This was definitely the way to do Pride...on the float...

...we got to see it all without the claustrophobia.

loved this sign!
After such a crazy weekend...we realized...we have such an easy going kid. Through all that craziness we didn't have a single melt down, not a single tear was shed.  Way to go G! Thanks for being so patient and chill!

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  1. LOL, LOVE that you took him to a pride parade! Especially love the rainbow getup! Too cute!