Monday, June 13, 2011

Crazy Fun Visitors in Chi-town!

So last night the O'Hara clan descended upon us to crash at our pad before heading off to my European-Home-Away from Home--Italy ( jealous!!).

It is always fun to have the energy of my fun loving Aunt and Uncle around.  Even though they were sort of frantically preparing for this last minute trip we managed to have great conversations and I got to reminisce about the days when I used to live in... Firenze (sigh).  My stomach always hurts a little after a visit with the O'Hara family...mostly because a lot of laughing ensues!

I was VERY impressed that they managed to get themselves loaded up and out the door by 6:45am this morning (not bad when you consider they have 3 teenagers!).  I got up with them, as I was driving them to the airport (while God-sent sister-in-law, Kerry, watched Gunnar--xoxox). I was totally dreading the trip back into the city from the airport at 8am...but somehow I lucked out by not sitting in a single MINUTE of traffic! Amazing!!

I came home to find Gunnar ready for his nap (well done Kerry!) and Kerry and I got to hang out for the morning...but it wasn't 30 minutes later that the power went out. Awesome.

Then around 11am...the Boston Andersons came to visit!!! Sooo exciting to see Kelly, Luke, Miriam and Henry again! And they finally got to meet Gunnar!
We took advantage of having the O'Hara van and loaded up and went to the Lincoln Park Zoo! It was such a glorious day..70 degrees! We had such a fun time!
Gunnar was smitten with Miriam (Flirt...totally gave her kisses at the zoo) and Kelly...such a ladies man. And he, of course, thought Henry was the funniest/coolest guy he'd ever met. He did nothing but cackle with laughter anytime Henry came near. Maybe also because Henry was usually showering Gunnar with toys and was pretty funny!

And just think! The fun doesn't stop there! Tomorrow is "Auntie Kerry's 30th Birthday Extravaganza" and the next day is Daddy's birthday!!! There's no slowing down around here...we're just go-go-go! Yay Summer time!!

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  1. Awwww LOVE that you guys got together! Although, I'll have to warn M about this competition he's getting from G for Miriam's smiles!