Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Hate CLUTTER!!!!


Everywhere I look there is something that needs to find a home...whether that be in the garbage, or a shelf or in a bin or storage...But it's EVERYWHERE. I HATE CLUTTER!!!

Clutter is something I could look beyond when I was in school or had a full time job and rarely saw the light of day in my house... It would sit around and accumulate until I had time to to pick it up or because I decided to throw a party. But when I am spending the majority of my day in the house...this clutter can drive me INSANE!! And I swear...I can't get rid of it. I'll de-clutter one area of my house and I'll turn around and there is a massive clutter pile in the next room. Or I'll finally get that kitchen island cleared off and 30 minutes later it's covered in clutter...again (how did that get there??) Ahhhhh!!! I can walk around my house for hours picking up clutter and more clutter will just appear like a quarter in your ear...

Virtually everything in my house has a place...it's just a matter of getting it to that place. I think it's mostly pieces of crafts and junk mail that are the main culprits...because they seem to appear everyday. Another problem I have is...I've never been great about putting something back immediately once I'm done using it. Stupidly I think I'm always thinking...what if I need it again in an hour?? So I keep it out. When in all actuality if I put it back now...I'm more likely to know where it is in an hour...but my brain doesn't acknowledge that kind of thinking...or something. Stupid.

What do you do to keep your house clutter-free? Help!

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