Saturday, June 25, 2011

Everything I know I learned from my Readers...


It's true. I LOVE MY READERS.  Because...every time I have a dilemma, problem or readers really come through for me.

 I just want you all to know how much I appreciate every comment, every suggestion. You are making me a better mom.

Here are some of my favorite tips from my Readers to date:
  • When wondering what to do with baby on the beach Kendra suggested bringing a flat sheet. BRILLIANT!
  • When I posted something about not having grass for G to play on Lisa M suggested getting a blow up baby pool for our balcony. Love this idea. We are just waiting for the perfect day to blow up the little pool I bought at Target!
  • Emily G suggested letting G play in the tub naked, without water to air out his bum. So fun! We did this a few nights ago...he peed 3 times. Glad we were in the tub! Easy clean up for sure!
  • Anonymous reminded me that child proofing isn't always good...because "the world isn't child proof, time to start teaching him what is a toy and what isn't"
  • When I was worried G had moved beyond snuggling Lisa M reassured me that the cuddles would return when he got a little older and sure enough...she was right! Snuggles have made a comeback!
  • Kelly C suggested Annabel Karmel's "First Meals"...with starting solid foods. A book we're using with G.
  • Lisa M taught us how to save an avocado! Cut half-leave the pit in the side you save, plastic wrap around, put in Tupperware and in the's all about keeping the air out, folks!
  • Jenn suggested throwing a sheet over the crib when sharing room with baby in a hotel...Worked like a charm!!
  • Amanda (Mother of Ambition) suggested I put a sheet on the floor and do my craft projects on the sheet for easy pickup when I was worried about needles, scraps and such being left on the floor for G to find.  I tell you...sheets are the new "do it all baby product!"
Signing "Thank...

There really are hundreds more...But I just wanted you all to know I think of you all everyday and am so thankful for your readership and your valued ideas and input! Here's to YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!


  1. Awwww, and I've also gotten tons of tips from YOU and from your other readers! My all time, all time fave is that Noodles & Boo shampoo. I already have Hillary hooked on it just from holding M, and I sent one as a birthday gift for one of my nieces!