Friday, June 3, 2011

Birth Week: How to Help a New Mom

I have to say...I was a little spoiled. The minute we came home from the hospital we had help ready and waiting. Both my parents and John's parents were there and I honestly don't know how I would have functioned without them. These are the things they did for me...and why I am forever grateful. So take Note all you new dads, grandparents, aunts, are the best ways to be helpful to a new mom.

  • Do the laundry...don't even ask if you can just do it...especially if the new mom is nursing, she'll need plenty of clean tops and bras that don't have breast milk all over them. 
  • Cook meals and deliver them to the new mommy...if she's like me she might forget to eat...make sure she's eating. 
  • Make sure breastfeeding mommy always has water or some kind of beverage by her side when she is feeding the baby.
  • Offer to change diapers.
  • Offer to take the baby after feedings so mommy can nap or sleep (this offer is good 24 hours a me)
  • Go grocery shopping...ask for a list of what mommy craves/wants/needs 
  • Draw mommy a bath 
  • Do the Dishes
  • Clean the house (a dirty house can drive a new mommy nuts...she wants it clean for the baby and for unexpected guests coming to visit the prevent her tired body from getting more sores by beating her to the task!)
  • Foot massage, back massage, neck massage...any will do.
  • Surprise her with her favorite coffee drink 
  • Most importantly...No matter how much she begs you to must eventually leave/go back to work and let her do it by herself...but help out as long as you believe you're truly needed.

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  1. Great list! It's funny because I would have hated having people over all the time in the beginning but I really appreciated when they would stop by just to drop off food ; )

    And, by the way, you're award-winning!