Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have I told you lately I'm a push-over?

Something has happened to my baby boy's cry. 
Suddenly it's unbearable to listen to.
I'm talking full on gut wrenching, blood curdling, ball to the walls deep yodeling "MAMAMAMADADADADADAMAMAMADADADADA!!!!!" complete with super soaker size tears streaming down his 11:30pm, 3:00am, 4:45am...
...and I just. can't. stand. it.

I really thought I could be a tough mom. I was a nanny for a good portion of my adult life...I know how to put my foot down and just let a kid cry it out (when necessary) and still remain calm. But I don't know how to handle this. I  truly feel like this could be manipulation. Because he started this particular scream a few nights ago and it awarded him a snuggle in bed with mama for the rest of the night (a rare prize in this family).  But I didn't know what else to I think he thinks this is the ticket to some late night company.

So I try to wait it out. It can't go on forever. He'd lose his voice if he screamed like that for longer than 10 minutes. The trouble is...I can't make it longer than 3. The sound is slowly eating away at my heart and I'm pretty sure his main food source (me) will die of heartbreak if I don't address this immediately.

No feeding required. The kid just wants to cuddle. Which is sweet...but at 3am...I'm not a push-over like that...I need my beauty rest. NO child, NO! I need to sleep. But then he puts his heavy head on my shoulder...and I melt. Okay...maybe for a few minutes. Geeze! What's become of me? Am I training my child to scream? Am I teaching him how to manipulate?

We both lost so much sleep last night that G and I slept in til noon today. Oy!
Will it happen again tonight? I don't know...

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  1. I am president of the pushover club. My children's cries break my heart. Neither one slept through the night until they were far older than their peers.

    But at some point (and this is different for every mother) enough is enough and EVERYONE needs their sleep. I had to enlist Luke to keep me from going to them, once we entered the "sleep boot camp" phase. Until then, enjoy the cuddles and know that eventually you WILL sleep all night again. :-)

  2. Emma started that cry about a month ago. It was just before we started the Sleep Easy Solution. Had it not been for the prescriptive nature of the book (timed checkin's, etc) I would have caved like I had been every night for 2.5 months!

    I'd say give it a few nights. I've read that when they increase their independence during the day they tend to make up for lost snuggles at night. If it continues for a while, take some action, otherwise, enjoy snuggle time!!

  3. I know the feeling! The only difference is with my child, when he started doing this he was never content with a cuddle with momma, he would just assume that it was play time. He's one to just try and take off by himself. I'm not even sure he likes to cuddle. He slept with us in our bed until he was 3 months old and the main reason we started sleep training with him was because he refused to sleep right next to me.. he would angle his body across our bed and leave no room for mommy or daddy!

    So, in a way I'm a little jealous of you :) But, I also understand not having any sleep. Hope tonight goes better for you tonight. :)

  4. This is when children need to form bonds, to feel connected to the family unit. Toss them to the wolves later when they are prepared for it. Abandon them now, suffer later.