Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Latest Diaper Rash Cure!!

So I'm pretty sure I've tried every diaper rash cream on the market, or close to it. And to be honest I really don't know what works and what doesn't. Sometimes Aveeno works but the next day it won't. Sometimes Desitin works but sometimes it doesn't. Burt's Bees made Gunnar scream when I put it we stopped using that right away. Butt Paste is too runny and I've never seen good results from this brand...
Ever since G started eating solids he has been a pooping machine! I am changing anything from 4-7 major poopy diapers a day! And to make matters worse...he never tells me when he's dirty. And for some reason the smell isn't potent enough for me to know unless I check it (and I swear I check all the time!). If he sits in a poopy diaper for longer than 10 minutes...he's got a red red bum. Poor guy. And it seems to me that lately the more diaper cream I put on him...the worse the rash becomes. So it occurred to me...maybe what his bum really needs is to just be dry. So I cut it with the diaper creams and left his bum dry like the dessert...this cleared up the rash faster than I would have imagined (within 3 diaper changes!)...and just recently I found a method with lightening speed results...
What is it?
A dry wash cloth.
Yep...I know it's almost like I'm cloth diapering. I got the idea from my friend Kelly who said sometimes she just puts her babies in regular cloth diapers with pins for a few hours just to let the bum dry out. So I just stuck a baby wash cloth in the back side of his diaper and wallah RASH GONE! Yeah he might poop on it...and he has (oxyclean to the rescue!)...but I can handle a tiny bit of extra laundry if it makes his bum feel better.
I'm even toying with the idea of doing cloth diapers for give his bottom a break overnight. We'll see what the hubby thinks.


  1. I know I have no kids, so who am I to say, (though I did a lot of babysitting!), and I know baby boys are pee machines. . . but I read in Julie Andrews's autobiography (of all places) that someone told her to let her baby be naked for a period of time each day, so she did. She said it helped with her baby girl's diaper rashes and the baby loved it! It probably has a similar effect. . . interesting thought, anyway. Love reading your blog, K! :)

  2. You definitely found the trick!! Diaper rash cream is good for preventing diaper rash, but once the baby has a rash the cream can actually make it worse because it 'holds in' the moisture. The best cure is exactly what you found...nothing but keeping it dry!! Letting them air out for a period each day is really great as well. Although it is a bit more difficult with a child that is moving around, a great trick is disposabel bed mats. Yep, the bluish hospital type bedmats. Plastic on one side and cotton on the other. They can usually be found in the same area of a store where 'diapers' for adults are found. I would lay these out on the floor, bed, couch, etc when Brynje had air time and if he peed it did not matter. I would simply throw the disposable sheet away and there was no mess to clean up. Since Gunnar is crawling you could try doing it at a time when you are playing with him so he is less likely to move all over the place, or during story time, etc. -Kendra