Friday, June 24, 2011

This Little Mommy Stayed Home

This Little Mommy Stayed Home: A Novel  So I just finished reading Samantha Wilde's "This Little Mommy Stayed Home"...I got stuck at the climax of the book last night at 1am and was determined to finish it today...afterall I now only have approximately 22 days to finish my next book for book club (and at the rate I read...that's going to be a stretch). 

This book is all fluff and fun, exactly what I was looking for.  For all you SAHM's out there...Wilde illustrates our plight oh so well. But not just that...she truly depicts the woes of postpartum shock better than anything I've read to date. There were moments when I truly found myself giggling out loud because I was right there with the character...or could relate so well that I thought she had been writing about me.

And then of course the book takes some far stretched curves and detours that took me away from the realism that had charmingly grabbed me in the beginning...I found myself thinking...could this really happen? (I won't give away all that happens for those of you mom's who want to [and should] read this book) I don't know...but it made for some excellent page turning towards the end.  Fast, fun read.

GM Rating: 3 out 4 star's

In other news...I made the yummiest breakfast/lunch meal today. It was totally an accident. Because if you know anything about me...I can't cook to save my life. So this didn't involve much cooking...
I call it:  
Better than on Toast Oatmeal (why? because I usually put all these ingredients on toast and call it lunch...but today I was out of bread so I just put it in my oatmeal instead! Best idea I've ever had!)

McCann's Quick Cooking Oatmeal (1/2 C)
Milk (1 C)

Skippy Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter (1 T)
Honey (a drizzle)
1/2 a banana sliced
Cinnamon (1 dash)

Cook oatmeal as instructed on box (but with milk instead of water) Add toppings, mix and ENJOY!!! Yumm!!! I was almost tempted to make a second was that good!!!


  1. Sorry we finished your bread, Kirstin! Thanks again for picking us up from the airport oh so late, and for the lovely overnight. We love you guys!

  2. That oatmeal idea sounds awesome! I will definitely try it!

  3. You must check out this oatmeal. Ryan hates oatmeal but loves it Kath's "classic" way : )

  4. I TOTALLY put peanut butter in my oatmeal too! It makes it super creamy! mmm!