Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reunion Weekend

We spent the weekend back on the "Hill", aka St.Olaf College for John's 10th college reunion.
I don't know how the weekend went by without us taking a single picture...but that's what happens I guess when going to a "daddy event" camera's never seem to be a priority for him.

So the trend of this reunion was babies and bumps. I mean you looked sort of out of place if you weren't carrying a baby in your arms or your belly.

It was so fun seeing all the babies and of course Gunnar was a hit. 

Of course at the most note worthy event Gunnar was having a melt down and I had a milk down...as in leak of the century! I don't know what triggered it...and it was so strange because I haven't leaked like that in months! And usually the pad will soak it all up but when I took the pad out it weighed about 2 pounds of breast milk. I of course was wearing a very light weight shirt and didn't think to bring a back up...talk about embarrassing! So I decided to jet with crabby teething G in tow. 

The highlight of the weekend for me was the 100th Anniversary Concert of the St.Olaf Choir. With 800+ alumni members singing! I was a weeping mess during "O Day Full of Grace".  Gunnar was great through the over 2 hour concert only making babbling noises from time to time.  Though he did stop playing and babbling to attentively listen to the final verse of "Beautiful Savior"...I sing this verse to him every night at bedtime so I think he was like "Hey I know that song!" 

And on Sunday during church I tried for the first 45 minutes to get tired baby G to take a nap...but as soon as the congregation started singing "Beautiful Savior" his eyes got really heavy and it took all of 1 verse to lull him to sleep!

We had a great time catching up with John's old pals and revisiting our alma matter...we even enjoyed cheesy eggs and all you can eat cereal in the caf on Sunday morning! I can't wait to do it all again in 2 years for my 10 year reunion...Who's coming??

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